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Vanguard Championship Wrestling


Action-Packed Card October 4th in Norfolk!

On October 4th in Norfolk, Virginia at The Masonic Temple on Granby Street, Vanguard Championship Wrestling hosts an action-packed card featuring wrestling stars of the past and present! Wrestling star The Barbarian returns to VCW to team with his nephew Asaafi to take on The Geordie Bulldogs, Sean and Mark Denny in an important tag-team contenders match. In a match that was postponed from September 6th, Ring of Honor stars will battle on VCW turf when "The King of Old-School" Steve Corino takes on rising star Adam Page! The Main Event will feature VCW Heavyweight Champion Dirty Money defending the gold against "Diamond" Victor Griff in a last man standing match!

Advance tickets will sell fast, so reserve your ringside seat today!
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Steve Corino vs Adam Page

Steve Corino and Adam Page were tag-team partners at The Liberty Lottery in July, but at the conclusion of the match, Corino turned on Page for "embarrassing him" by losing the match and therefore failing to win the tag-team championships. A fight ensued that had to be broken up by the majority of the VCW locker room. A grudge match was signed and now the two Ring of Honor stars will battle on VCW turf on October 4th in Norfolk, Virginia!


The Barbarian Returns

He stands 6'2 and weighs 300 pounds. He strikes fear into his opponents World-Wide. The Barbarian is returning to Vanguard Championship Wrestling on October 4, 2014. The Army. The Powers of Pain. The Faces of Fear. These teams that The Barbarian has led for the past 30 years has dominated professional wrestling. A monstrous competitor, The Barbarian has competed for all of the major wrestling promotions in The United States, Puerto Rico, and Japan. What his plans are for returning to VCW has yet to be determined, but his path of destruction is set to begin on October 4th.


Upcoming Events

October 4, 2014-Norfolk Masonic Temple
November 15, 2014-7th Annual Lutz Memorial Cup-Norfolk, VA
December 13, 2014-Tidings of Destruction 2014-Norfolk, VA




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