Billy Gunn to contend for VCW Heavyweight Title February 4th!

He’s known throughout the wrestling world as a pioneer of “The Attitude Era” as a member of DX, as well as 1/2 of “The New Age Outlaws”. Can he add “VCW Heavyweight Champion” to his resume?  On February 4th at The Norfolk Masonic Temple, “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn will contend for Brandon Scott’s VCW Heavyweight Championship! Brandon, managed by Jerry Stephanitsis, has had successful title defenses against big-name opponents in VCW in the past. He is quick to point out that Carlito had two opportunities to become the champion, and left without the gold. Will he be able to say the same about Billy Gunn?
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Gino Wins 9th Annual Lutz Cup!

Gino won The 9th Annual Lutz Memorial Cup, scoring hard-fought victories over Ross Hall, Rhett Titus, and Benjamin Banks!  Hall of Famer Ron Simmons was on hand to award the trophy to the winner, and luckily he was able to convince Referee Ron Mils to restart the match after Benjamin Banks initially won the finals due to the use of brass knuckles. After the match was restarted, Gino was able to lock Banks in his signature submission hold and won via submission! Gino then thanked the crowd for their support, and challenged anyone with a championship to a match.