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Vanguard Championship Wrestling


Geordie Bulldogs Win Big

Sean Denny won the Liberty Lottery back in July and is the only VCW wrestler to ever hold on to his title shot for any VCW Championship. He led us to believe for months that he was training for a rematch for Dirty Money's VCW Heavyweight Championship. On December 6th at Tidings of Destruction, The Geordie Bulldogs turned their backs on the VCW fans and took the opportunity to defeat The Platinum Enforcers for The VCW Tag-Team Championships when they were vulnerable.


Dirty Money To Defend Against King Corino

VCW Heavyweight Champion Dirty Money will defend the gold against Pro Wrestling Star King Corino on Saturday, February 7th in Norfolk, Virginia. Corino earned the title shot by defeating 2014 Lutz Cup Winner Brandon Scott on December 6th at Tidings of Destruction. As we enter into a new year, VCW Management is excited to be bringing you this phenomenal match between two of the best professional wrestlers to ever compete. Tickets are sure to sell fast so be sure to reserve your seat as early as possible.
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February 7, 2015-Dirty Money vs King Corino-Norfolk, VA




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