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Geordie Bulldogs Win Big

BulldogsTitlesWebsiteSean Denny won the Liberty Lottery back in July and is the only VCW wrestler to ever hold on to his title shot for any VCW Championship. He led us to believe for months that he was training for a rematch for Dirty Money's VCW Heavyweight Championship. On December 6th at Tidings of Destruction, The Geordie Bulldogs turned their backs on the VCW fans and took the opportunity to defeat The Platinum Enforcers for The VCW Tag-Team Championships when they were vulnerable.

     The Platinum Enforcers, CW Anderson and Phil Brown, had just retained their titles against The Internationally Acclaimed Duo of Harlem and Lance Bravado. While it seemed as if The Bulldogs were coming out to congratulate their friends on a hard-fought victory, respect turned to greed as Sean Denny proclaimed that he was cashing in his title shot and ordered the referee to ring the bell. Commissioner George Pantas had no choice but to let The Bulldogs take advantage. "The Geordie Bulldogs want you to believe that they won the titles in this epic hard-fought contest", said VCW Promoter Travis Bradshaw, "but that is not what occured." Certainly a rematch will be signed at a later date.