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June 4, 2016 Norfolk, VA
-Jefferson Early (with Neil Sharkey) retained The VCW Commonwealth Heritage Championship over Innocent Isaiah
-Romonus defeated Fabulous Frankie in a mask vs career match, Frankie must retire from VCW
-The Geordie Bulldogs beat The Heatseekers in a Geordie Streetfight
-The Hellcats retained The VCW Tag-Team Championships over The Dixon Line via disqualification after Dixon Line had won the
 championships, but the decision was reversed by Referee Kevin Burr.
-Damien Wayne and Dirty Money defeated VCW Heavyweight Champion Brandon Scott and Benjamin Banks (with Jerry Stephanitsis)

April 2, 2016 Norfolk, VA
-The Geordie Bulldogs (Sean and Mark Denny) defeated The Heatseekers (Matt Sigmon and Elliot Russell), and were immediately attacked afterwards, during which The Heatseekers injured Sean Denny with a chair to the throat!
-#1 Jefferson Early (with Neil Sharkey) retained The Commonwealth Heritage Championship, defeating Bobby Shields.
-Asaafi beat Colby Corino via disqualification when Colby was disqualified ...for a blatant kick to the groin.
-Romonus beat Fabulous Frankie Fontaine.
-NRG defeated The Hallstars
-The Hellcats (Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve) retained The VCW Tag-Team Championships, defeating The Dixon Line (Ken Dixon and Joe Keys). -VCW Heavyweight Champion Brandon Scott (with Jerry Stephanitsis) pinned Damien Wayne after outside interference from Benjamin Banks.

March 5, 2016  Hampton, VA
-Results Coming Soon

February 6, 2016  Norfolk, VA
-Victor Andrews beat Joe Black
-Benjamin Banks defeated Country Kidd
-Asaafi pinned Phil Brown
-Romonus beat DC Delaney
-The Heatseekers used a championship belt to defeat The Geordie Bulldogs
-Carlito beat VCW Champion Brandon Scott via disqualification.

VCW Liberty Lottery 2015
July 25, 2015   Norfolk, VA
-The Platinum Enforcers (CW Anderson and Phil Brown) beat The Reason and Logan Laroux.
-#1 Jefferson Early defeated James Dallas Hall to win The VCW Commonwealth Heritage Championship.
after the match, The Reason and Laroux returned to the ring to attack Hall, after which RH3 made a surpise return to help
his brother, and The Hallstars were reunited!
-The Pink Pride Nation defeated The Geordie Bulldogs to win the VCW Tag-Team Championships.
-US Liberty Champion Damien Wayne retained his championship against "The Natural" Chase Stevens.
-VCW Heavyweight Champion Jay Steel retained his champinship, defeating Asaafi.
-Brandon Scott won The 9th Annual Liberty Lottery, eliminating Diamond Victor Griff.

March 7, 2015: Luck is For Losers 2015  Norfolk, VA
-Country Kidd defeated Krotch
-Fabulous Frankie Fontaine (with Lucious Lance) defeated L. Lee
-Chatch and Jean Jean Lebon beat Quarter Pound and Ground
-James Dallas Hall retained The Commonwealth Heritage title over Jefferson Early (with Neil Sharkey) via submission
-The Reason (with Jerry Stephanitsis) destroyed Devin Lopez
-The Geordie Bulldogs retained The VCW Tag-Team Titles against The Platinum Enforcers when Asaafi turned on The Enforcers and helped The Bulldogs
-Damien Wayne retained The Liberty Title against Preston Quinn

February 7, 2015   Norfolk, VA
-Country Kidd beat Mr. Class (with Spencer Chestnutt)
-Chatch (with Jean Jean Lebon) beat Benjamin Banks (with Big MC 123) via disqualification
-The Geordie Bulldogs retained the VCW Tag-Team Championships against The Pink Pride Nation
-Jay Steel defeated Krotch
-Asaafi pinned Devin Lopez after a devastating powerbomb!
-Damien Wayne retained The VCW Liberty Championship in a hard-fought match against The Reason (with Jerry Stephanitsis). After the match, Preston Quinn shocked the crowd by attacking Wayne and returning to VCW for the first time in over 5 years!
-Dirty Money retained the VCW Heavyweight Title against Rhett Titus

2014 End of Year Awards
Interview of the Year-Sean Denny cashes in his Liberty Lottery shot
Most Hated Wrestler of the Year-Idol X
Most Popular Wrestler of the Year-Dirty Money
Most Shocking Moment-The Geordie Bulldogs cash in on The Platinum Enforcers
Manager of the Year-Jerry Stephanitsis
Rookie of the Year-Asaafi
Most Improved Wrestler of the Year-Country Kidd
Match of the Year-Shorty Smalls vs Mark Denny-Taped Fists Match
Tag-Team of The Year-The Geordie Bulldogs
Wrestler of the Year-Dirty Money

November 15, 2014  Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA

7th Annual Lutz Memorial Cup
-Brandon Scott beat Andre Jackson
-James Dallas Hall defeated Idol X
-RH3 beat Country Kidd
-Chris Escobar pinned Rex Sterling
-RH3 beat James Dallas Hall
-Brandon Scott beat Chris Escobar
-Brandon Scott beat RH3 to win the 2014 Lutz Memorial Cup
-The Geordie Bulldogs defeated Shorty Smalls and Asaafi in a brutal Texas Tornado Match

October 4, 2014    Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA

-The Faces of Pain defeated The Geordie Bulldogs to earn an immediate tag-team title match.
-The Faces of Pain battled The Platinum Enforcers to a brutal no-contest when The Geordie Bulldogs returned to the ring.
-Mr. Class pinned Andre Jackson.
-Steve beat Adam Page.
-Damien Wayne defeated The Reason to become the new VCW United States Liberty Champion.
-Devin Lopez beat Idol X via disqualification when Mugabi interfered.
-Country Kidd and James Hall beat Mugabi and RH3.
-Dirty Money retained The VCW Heavyweight Title when he defeated Diamond Victor Griff in a Last Man Standing Match.

September 6, 2014  Norfolk Masonic Temple   Norfolk, VA
-RH3 and VCW Liberty Champion The Reason beat James Hall and Jay Steel
-Country Kidd defeated Devin Lopez
-Mugabi battled Idol X to a double countout
-Victor Griff beat Brandon Scott via submission
-Mugabi crushed Jean Jean Lebon after an interprative dance
-Mark Denny beat Shorty Smalls in a taped-fists match
-Assafi pinned Sean Denny
-VCW Tag Team Champions CW Anderson and Phil Brown beat Damien Wayne and Rex Sterling

July 26, 2014  Liberty Lottery  Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA

- Bobby Shields (with Spencer Chestnutt) defeated Brandon Scott and Sean Denny, when he pinned Scott in 5:32 to earn the #20 spot in the Liberty Lottery Battle Royal.  As a result of their loss, Scott and Denny became the #1 and #2 entrants.
- The Reason pinned U.S. Jay Steel (c) in 10:58 to win the VCW United States Liberty Championship, after Jerry Stephanitsis and Wolfbane interfered.
 - RH3 (c) (w/ Jerry Stephanitsis and Wolfbane) defeated James Dallas Hall by DQ in 15:46 to retain the VCW Commonwealth Heritage Championship.  After the match, Country Kidd made the save when RH3 and Wolfbane were beating down James Dallas Hall.
- The Liberty Lottery Battle Royal was won by Sean Denny (Entrant #2) in 34:24, last eliminating Brandon Scott (Entrant #1).  Other participants, in order of entry, included:  Wolfbane, Chatch, Mr. Class, The Reason, Country Kidd, Asaafi, Shorty Smalls, Krotch, Jean Jean Le Bon, Poncho Velez, Livid, Andre Jackson, Beau Crockett, James Dallas Hall (no show), Mark Denny, Devin Lopez, Idol X, and Bobby Shields.
*[Order of eliminations:  Wolfbane (by S. Denny), Country Kidd (by Class), Poncho Velez (by Smalls), Mr. Class (by S. Denny), The Reason (by U.S. Jay Steel/Scott), James Dallas Hall (no showed), Chatch (by Le Bon), Jean Jean Le Bon (by Chatch), Livid (by Scott), Andre Jackson (by Smalls/Asaafi), Krotch (by Scott), Beau Crockett (by Scott), Bobby Shields (by Scott/S. Denny), Mark Denny/Shorty Smalls (exited match), Devin Lopez (by Asaafi), Idol X (by S. Denny), Asaafi (by Scott/S. Denny), Brandon Scott (by S. Denny)]
*{Most Eliminations - 6 (tied) Brandon Scott & Sean Denny}
- CW Anderson & Phil Brown (c) defeated Steve Corino & Adam Page in 13:21, when Brown pinned Page to retain the VCW Tag Team Championship.  After the match, Steve Corino and Adam Page got into a brawl.
- Dirty Money (c) pinned Diamond Victor Griff in 22:37 to retain the VCW Heavweight Championship.

June 7, 2014  Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA
- Brandon Scott defeated Bo Nekoda by pinfall in 9:57.
- Chatch defeated Jean Jean LeBon by pinfall in 6:57.
- RH3 (w/ Jerry Stephanitsis) defeated Country Kidd (c) (w/ James Dallas Hall) by knockout in 11:40 to win the VCW Commonwealth Heritage Championship.
- Shorty Smalls (w/ Spencer Chestnutt) defeated Mark Denny... by pinfall in 8:01.
- VCW United States Liberty Champion U.S. Jay Steel & The Reason defeated The Firm (Mr. Class & John Kermon) (w/ Spencer Chestnutt) in 11:21 when Steel made Kermon submit. 
- Diamond Victor Griff defeated Devin Lopez by submission in 2:46.
- James Dallas Hall defeated Mugabi (w/ Jerry Stephanitsis) by disqualification in 3:50 after Wolfbane & RH3 interfered.
- James Dallas Hall defeated Jerry Stephanitsis (w/ Wolfbane & RH3) by submission in 1:38.
- Dirty Money (c) defeated Sean Denny by pinfall in 18:47 to retain the VCW Heavyweight Championship.
Results courtesy of VCW Timekeeper Christopher Richards.

February 1, 2014  Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA
-RH3 (with Jerry Stephanitsis) retained The Commonwealth Heritage title over Hax Bandito
-Country Kidd (formerly Big Country) beat Jean Jean Lebon
-James Hall defeated Asaafi
-The Platinum Enforcers (Phil Brown and CW Anderson) beat Shorty Smalls and Mr. Class (with Spencer Chestnut) and The Geordie Bulldogs (Sean and Mark Denny) to win the VCW     Tag-Team Championships
-US Liberty Champion USJay Steel retained The title over Damien Wayne
-Dirty Money retained The VCW Heavyweight Title over Bobby Shields (with Spencer Chestnut)

December 14, 2013   Tidings of Destruction  Norfolk, VA
-U.S.Jay Steel slammed and pinned Mugabi
-Hax Bandito scored an upset win over Brandon Scott
-Phil Brown defeated Hy Jinx
-Idol X pinned The Reason with assistance from John Kermon

-James Dallas Hall made John Kermon tap out
-Idol X defeated James Dallas Hall after a brutal steel chair shot to become the 2013 Lutz Cup Champion
-Dirty Money and The Geordie Bulldogs defeated The Firm; Sean Denny was the sole survivor, last eliminating Shorty Smalls

November 9, 2013  Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA
-James Dallas Hall beat Krotch via submission

-Idol X pinned Country Kidd
-John Kermon defeated Hax Banditio
-The Reason beat Mr. Class
-RH3 (with Jerry Stephanitsis) retained The Commonwealth Heritage Title over Sean Denny (with Mark Denny) in a No DQ Match
-Raymon and Ramon Watson vs Ryan Melle and The Dog was declared no contest after interference from Mugabi
-USJay Steel retained The US Liberty Title over Chris Escobar and Damien Wayne in a triple threat match

October 5. 2013  Norfolk Masonic Temple   Norfolk, VA
-Kid X (with Idol X) beat Hax Bandito

-John Kermon, Shorty Smalls, and Mr. Class (with Spencer Chestnutt) beat James Dallas Hall, Victor Andrews, and The Reason
-USJay Steel retained The US Liberty Title over Krotch in his first title defense
-Idol X beat Chatch
-RH3 retained The Commonwealth Heritage Title over Sean Denny
-Brandon Scott beat Phil Brown
-CW Anderson defeated Tommy Dreamer in an "I-Quit" Match
-Dirty Money retained The VCW Heavyweight Title over Damien Wayne

July 27, 2013  Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA
-James Hall beat Bobby Shields
-Shorty Smalls and Mr. Class retained the VCW Tag Team Titles over Matt Saigon and Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiin
-Jay Steel defeated Diamond Victor Griff for The VCW United States Liberty Championship
-RH3 retained The Commonwealth Heritage Title over Sean Denny
-CW Anderson and Phil Brown defeated Tommy Dreamer and Brandon Scott
-Dirty Money retained The VCW Heavyweight Title over John Kermon and The Reason
-Mugabi (with Gremlina) won the 20-Man Liberty Lottery

March 23, 2013  Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA

-USJay Steel pinned James Dallas Hall
-Krotch defeated Big Country
-Idol X crushed Kid VCW
-Hax Bandito beat Idol X for the second consecutive month!  Afterwards, it was announced that these two will compete in a V-Rated match on April 6!
-"Diamond" Victor Griff successfully defended the VCW Liberty Title in a triple threat match against Chatch and RH3 (Roscoe Hall III).
-Mugabi the Cannibal assaulted referee Ryan Melle at the request of Gremlina.
-Chris Escobar pinned "The Enforcer" C.W. Anderson to retain the VCW Commonwealth Heritage Championship
-Persephone with Gremlina in her corner defeated Samantha Starr with Princess Victoria in her corner.
-The Firm (Shorty Smalls, Mr. Class and Bobby Shields) defeated VCW Champion Dirty Money, Phil Brown and Brandon Scott.  Shorty Smalls pinned Dirty Money after knocking him out with a steel chain.  It was then announced that on April 6 Dirty Money will defend the VCW Championship against Shorty Smalls!

January 12, 2013  Norfolk Masonic Temple   Norfolk, VA
-Mugabi (with Gremlina) beat Big Country

-"JDH" beat Hax Banditio
-Commonwealth Champion Chris Escobar battled Mugabi (with Gremlina) to a double countout
-John Kermon (with Spencer Chestnutt) beat Phil Brown due to outside interference
-Idol X pinned Hax Bandito
-VCW Tag-Team Champions The Set beat Chatch and Krotch when Krotch turned on his tag-team partner
-Brandon Scott beat Logan Lareaux with assist from Phil Brown
-Victor Griff retained The US Liberty Title by reversed decision over Jay Steel when the referee found a foreign object "planted" by Griff 
-VCW Heavyweight Champion Dirty Money beat RH3 (Roscoe Hall the Third) via disqualification when "The Firm" interfered, revealing Logan Lareaux to be the newest member

December 15, 2012  Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA
Lutz Cup 2012 Finals
-Brandon Scott (substituting for an injured Jay Steel) beat Victor Griff to advance to the finals

-Bobby Shields beat Idol X to advance to the finals
-Bobby Shields pinned Brandon Scott to win the 2012 Lutz Cup
-Shorty Smalls beat Big Country
-"The Zaniac" Ryan Zane defeated Kid VCW
-Phil Brown beat Sam Bass in a V-Rated Match
-Commonwealth Heritage Champion Chris Escobar battled "The Enforcer" CW Anderson to a double countout
-John Kermon beat Damien Wayne
 -The Set beat The Hallstars for the VCW Tag-Team Championships in a match stipulation in which The Hallstars cannot team together anywehere for 6 months

November 17, 2012 Norfolk Masonic Temple  Norfolk, VA
-Hax Bandito pinned Kid VCW

-Commonwealth Champion Chris Escobar retained his title against Ethan Cross
-The Set (J-Sinn and Lance Lude) beat Fusion DS (Matt Saigon and Damian Dragon)
-Jay Steel advanced over Mugabi (Lutz Cup)
-Brandon Scott advanced over Shorty Smalls (Lutz Cup)
-Bobby Shields advanced over Chatch (Lutz Cup)
-Idol X advanced over Logan Lareaux (Lutz Cup)
-VCW Tag Team Champions The Hallstars retained the titles against Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiin and Ricky Martinez
-Dirty Money defeated VCW Heavyweight Champion John Kermon in a steel cage to become the new VCW Champion

October 6, 2012 Norfolk Masonic Temple Norfolk, VA
-The Set and Jay Steel beat "The Zaniac" Ryan Zane, Logan Lareaux, and Hax Bandito

-Idol X defeated Tyrell Jones
-Kid VCW and Chase "The Punker" Strummer beat VCW Tag-Team Champions The Hallstars via disqualification
-VCW Liberty Champion Diamond Victor Griff beat Kid VCW
-"Mr. Mid Atlantic" Damien Wayne pinned Krotch
-"Outlaw" Sam Bass beat Phil Brown in a Texas Bullrope Match
-VCW Commonwealth Heritage Champion Chris Escobar retained the title over Ray Storm
-Dirty Money beat VCW Heavyweight Champion John Kermon via disqualification
More Results from 2012 to be added soon!

March 10, 2012  St. Pius X Elementary School  Norfolk, VA
-VCW Tag-Team Champions Chatch and Krotch retain the titles over Hax Bandito and Sam Bass

-Ray Storm was crowned the first ever Commonwealth Heritage Champion and succesfully defended against Tyrell Jones.
-Caleb Konley defeated Brandon Scott by submission.
-Jay Steel vs Paul London was declared a no-contest due to outside interfernce that truned into an unscheduled tag-team match.
-Shorty Smalls and Victor Griff defeated Jay Steel and Paul London
-Kid VCW and Chase Strummer beat The Hallstars via countout
-Phil Brown, unable to compete due to an injury, accompanied Mugabi ringside in a match over VCW Champion John Kermon via disqualification.

December 3, 2011  Hampton High School  Hampton, VA
4th Annual Lutz Memorial Cup
-Kid VCW won a pre-show battle royal

1st Round Matches:
-Ray Storm beat Charlie Dreamer
-Jay Steel beat Caleb Konley
-Liberty Champion Paul London and Victor Griff were both eliminated via double-countout
-Shorty Smalls beat K.C. McKnight
-Ray Storm received a bye
-Jay Steel beat Shorty Smalls
Finals: -Jay Steel beat Ray Storm to win the 4th Annual Lutz Cup
In other matches: -John Kermon beat VCW Champion Phil Brown, C.W. Anderson, and Damien Wayne in a 4-way to win the VCW Heavyweight Title
-Chatch and Krotch defeated The Hallstars to win the VCW Tag-Team Championships in a match made by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper during "Piper's Pit"

October 15, 2011  Boo Williams Sportsplex  Hampton, VA
Morning/Afternoon Event:

Hax Bandito defeated The Shield
Kid VCW beat The Konvict
Jay Steel defeated Krotch to become #1 contender for The Liberty Title
Later Afternoon Event:
The Shield defeated Tito Havannah
Diamond Victor Griff beat Ryan Zane
Jay Steel beat Hax Bandito
Chatch and Krotch beat VCW Tag Team Champions The Hallstars via intentional disqualification

September 24, 2011  Hampton, VA  Hampton High School  Aftershock!
-VCW Tag-Team Champions The Hallstars retained the titles against Kid VCW and Ryan Zane.

-Sterling Williams beat Big MC 1-2-3 via countout
-Jay Steel defeated Hax Bandito
-VCW Liberty Champion Paul London retained the title against Krotch
-Ray Storm beat Bolo Yung
-John Kermon and CW Anderson beat Damien Wayne and VCW Heavyweight Champion Phil Brown

July 30, 2011  Hampton, VA  Hampton High School Liberty Lottery 2011
-Paul London defeated VCW United States Liberty Champion John Kermon to win the title.

-Chatch and Krotch beat The West Texas Hangmen in a V-Rated Match
-Chase "The Punker" Strummer won his freedon from The Hallstars by defeating Ross and James in a 5-minute challenge with help from Chatch.
-Damien Wayne pinned "The Enforcer" CW Anderson, afterwhich he was attacked and injured.
-Phil Brown beat Luke Gallows to retain The VCW Heavyweight Championship
-John Kermon won the 20-Man Liberty Lottery when VCW Commissioner Gremlina allowed him to participate in place of an injured Damien Wayne, eliminating Kid VCW to win the match.
June 4, 2011  Norfolk, VA  St. Pius X Elementary School 
-The Set announce that J-Sinn tore his ACL last week and hence he is not cleared to wrestle. Travis Bradshaw and Gremlina tell them that if he doesn't compete tonight then George Pantas forfeits his job as commissioner. J-Sinn says he will fight tonight, injury or not.

-Chatch and Krotch defeated Ray Storm and Mark Anthony
-Travis Bradshaw unveils Phil Brown's BIG surprise as Diamond Victor Griff.
-Phil Brown pins Diamond Victor Griff in a back and forth match. During the bout a mysterious manager came to scout ringside. After Phil got the win, Luke Galows hits the ring and assaults Phil. Galows and his manager, Fabulous Playboy Bob Keller, then take the VCW Heavyweight Championship. Galows proclaims that he is the rightful VCW Champion because he NEVER lost the belt seven years ago. They leave with the title and Phil is injured.
-Ryan Zane and Kid VCW defeated Jeff Early and Big MC 123. After the match, Early blamed Big MC for the loss and laid him out.
-John Kermon squeaked by his surprise opponent Damien Wayne. George Pantas announced that July 30th it will be Kermon vs. Paul London for the Liberty belt at Liberty Lottery in Newport News.
-Jay Steel defeated Mugabi by DQ when Mr. Salazar prevented Steel from bodyslamming the cannibal with a cane shot to the spine. Mugabi dropped the splash across Steel's back twice after the bell.
-The Punker's 5 minute challenge tonight will be against Luke Galows! Galows defeated the Punker with less than a minute remaining on the clock. Galows still had the VCW Title and wore it for the first few minutes of the match. He and Fabulous Playboy Bob Keller continued to beat on Punker after his win, when Phil Brown made the save. Both men brawled to the back as George Pantas announced it will be Luke Galows vs. Phil Brown at Liberty Lottery July 30th!
-The West Texas Hallstars defeated The Set to become the NEW VCW tag team champions. Salazar's Hangmen were obviously not the same guys despite wearing the same clothes. The match was V-Rated and J-Sinn was taken out early with a chairshot to his torn ACL. Lude tried to fight both of them off for some time. Finally, the Hangstars were able to get Sinn in a submission hold on his injured leg. They held Lude there to watch and Lude submitted to save his partner from serious injury. The Halls unmasked themselves after the win.
With that, Gremlina is the new commissioner of VCW and George Pantas is fired!

May 21, 2011  Hampton, VA    Hampton High School
-Paul London and Jay Steele defeated John Kermon and The Reason when London pinned Kermon, putting Kermon's shoulders down for three for the first time in 2 years
-Ray Storm defeated Wes Rogers via pinfall
-Phil Brown defeated Big MC 123 via pinfall to earn a shot at CW Anderson on June 4th, however, a post match attack by CW Anderson, who wasn't supposed to be on the card set the stage for his title shot later that night
-Ray Storm and Mark Anthony made their VCW return and defeated Kid VCW and Logan Hodge via pinfall; Storm and Anthony demanded tougher competition which brought out The Set
-The Set defeated Ray Storm and Mark Anthony via pinfall in less than a minute; Storm and Anthony then attacked The Set post match, which led to Mr. Salazar running out and getting The West Texas Hangmen in the ring for their tag-title shot
-The Set retained the VCW Tag-Team Championship via reverse decision over the West Texas Hangmen; a V-rated rematch has been ordered for June 4th and if the Hangmen win, George Pantas is no longer the VCW commissioner and Travis Bradshaw will have absolute authority. If The Set win, Travis Bradshaw will give up all power in VCW
-Chatch and Krotch battled Mugabi and The Punker to a no-contest in a Punker Five Minutes for Freedom Challenge
-Phil Brown defeated CW Anderson via pinfall to win the VCW Heavyweight Championship

March 26, 2011  Newport News, VA  Hellenic Community Center
-Hangman 2 w/Mr. Salazar pinned Chatch in a V-Rated Match; post match beatdown, Mr. Salazar's army continued to attack Chatch, but Krotch made his return to VCW to save Chatch
-Jay Steele pinned Ray Storm w/Spencer Chestnut
-Paul London battled VCW U.S. Liberty Champion John Kermon to a 15 minute time limit draw; John Kermon then attacked London after the bell with Bolo Yung made the save for London
-Punker defeated Hangman 1 by countout; Punker is still under contract to the Hallstars due an undisclosed clause in the 5 Minutes for Freedom Challenge contract that the Punker must pin his opponent to earn his freedom
-Bolo Yung defeated Mugabi by disqualification after John Kermon ran in and attacked Yung. Paul London and Jay Steele made the save.
-The Hallstars battled VCW Tag-Team Champions The Set to a no-contest
-Kid VCW pinned Big MC 123
-VCW Heavyweight Champion CW Anderson defeated Phil Brown by disqualification

February 26, 2011  Hampton, VA  Hampton High School
-Jay Steel pinned Blake Broadway
-Liberty Champion John Kermon fought Bolo Yung to a 15-minute time limit draw
-The Hallstars beat The S.A.T.
-Mugabi beat Kid VCW
-Mugabi beat Chase "The Punker" Strummer due to interference from The Hallstars
-Chatch defeated The West Texas Hangmen in a handicap V-Rated match
-VCW Tag-Team Champions The Set beat New Yorks Finest
-C.W. Anderson retained the VCW Heavyweight Title against Phil Brown, due to interference from Big M.C. 1-2-3.

 December 4, 2010  Suffolk, VA  Kings Fork Rec Center  Lutz Memorial Cup
-Roderick Strong beat Chris Escobar to advance in the tournament
-Steve Corino beat Phil Brown to advance in the tournament
-Caleb Konley beat Chase Stevens to advance in the tournament
-Bolo Yung beat C.W. Anderson to advance in the tournament
-Steve Corino defeated Roderick Strong via DQ to advance to the finals of the tournament
-Bolo Yung defeated Caleb Konley to advance to the finals of the tournament
-The Set retained the VCW tag titles, defeating John Kermon and Austin Aries
-Bolo Yung defeated Steve Corino to win The 3rd Annual Lutz Memorial Cup

November 20, 2010  Norfolk, VA   St. Pius X Elementary School
-Phil Brown beat Caleb Konley
-The Bravado Brothers defeated The Hallstars after a distraction from Chris Escobar and Chase Strummer
-VCW Tag Champions The Set beat The West Texas Hangmen (with Mister Salazar)
-Jay Steel won the "ladies" gauntlet over Liberty Champion John Kermon when he entered as the 4th "Lady"
-Bolo Yung beat Tito Havannah via submission
-Mugabi destroyed Kid VCW
-Chatch beat The Reason in a V-Rated match
-VCW Tag Team Champions The Set beat Steve Corino and VCW Champion C.W. Anderson via disqualification
October 3, 2010  Newport News, VA  Hellenic Community Center

-Mugabi destroyed Kid VCW and Big M.C. 1-2-3 in an unscheduled match
-The Hallstars beat Tito Havannah and Chatch
-The West Texas Hangman beat "American Made" Wes Rogers
-Chris Escobar defeated The Reason in an epic V-Rated match
-Liberty Champion John Kermon vs The Punker was declared a no-contest due to interference from The Hallstars
-Phil Brown beat Bolo Yung
-CW Anderson defeated Damien Wayne to win the VCW Heavyweight Title



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