VCW Peanut City Showdown 2 @ The Salvation Army Community Center
September 9th, 2017  Suffolk, VA
-Asaafi pinned The Manscout Jake Manning
-Timmy Danger (with Neil Sharkey) beat Livid The Clown
-Phil Brown defeated Romonus for the VCW Liberty Title
-The Elements of Truth beat The Hellcats
-Benjamin Banks pinned The Juggernaut
-VCW Heavyweight Champion Brandon Scott retained the title over Caleb Konley (with J.J. Dillon) when Dillon double-crossed Konley and helped Scott win the match.
VCW Liberty Lottery 2017 @ Norfolk Masonic Temple
July 29th, 2017  Norfolk, VA

-Ruthless Ryan Davidson beat Ken Dixon and Kekoa to earn #20 in the Liberty Lottery
-Phil Brown and JJ Blake retained The VCW Tag-Team Championships against The Hellcats
-Gino retained The Commonwealth Heritage Championship against Ricky Reyes
-Brandon Scott (with Jerry Stephanitsis) retained the VCW Heavyweight Championship against Shannon Moore-Benjamin Banks won the 11th Annual Liberty Lottery Battle Royal, eliminating Ruthless Ryan Davidson.
VCW @ Norfolk Masonic Temple
June 10, 2017  Norfolk, VA

-Timmy Danger (with Neil Sharkey) beat Livid the Clown

-Marcellus Prime pinned Benjamin Banks (with Jerry Stephanitsis)
-Noise Pollution beat The Elements of Truth
-Romonus retained The Liberty Title over Napalm Bomb
-Shannon Moore beat Rex Sterling and Diamond Victor Griff in a triple threat match to earn a VCW Heavyweight Title Match
-Brandon Scott (with Jerry Stephanitsis) retained the VCW Heavyweight Title over Asaafi

VCW @ Hampton High School
March 11, 2017   Hampton, VA

-Hax Bandito defeated Timmy Danger w/ Neil Sharkey
-The Juggernaut pinned Irvin Legend
-The Hallstars defeated The Elements of Truth
-Manstache Main Event successfully defended their Gouge Tag Team Titles against Seymour Snott and Jimmy Jack Funk Jr.
-Livid the Clown & George Pantas defeated Benjamin Banks & Jerry Stephanitsis
-Damien Wayne pinned Colby Corino

July 23, 2016  Norfolk, VA

  • Colby Corino defeated Jefferson Early (with Neil Sharkey) to win The Commonwealth Heritage Championship
  • JJ Blake and Mysterious Q beat Ryan Davidson and Gino
  •  Joe Keys pinned Jimmy Starz (with Sexy Steve) in a Captain’s Match
  • Sean Denny defeated Damien Wayne to win The Liberty Championship
  • Brandon Scott (with Jerry Stephanitsis) pinned Dirty Money to retain The VCW Heavyweight Championship
  • Phil Brown won the 10th Annual Liberty Lottery Battle Royal