Championship History

VCW Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Year City Footnotes
Gary Masters October 15th 1996 Charles City-VA
Pyro July 26th 1997 Williamsburg-VA
Ray Storm February 20th 2000 Newport News-VA
Ricky Morton June 4th 2000 Newport News-VA
Preston Quinn July 23rd 2000 Newport News-VA
Ray Storm December 10th 2000 Newport News-VA
Preston Quinn April 1st 2001 Newport News-VA
Pat Cusick October 21st 2001 Newport News-VA
Sean Lei May 19th 2002 Newport News-VA
Preston Quinn August 31st 2002 Gloucester-VA
Sean Lei September 22nd 2002 Newport News-VA
Phil Brown October 20th 2002 Newport News-VA
Dirty Money September 14th 2003 Newport News-VA
Sean Lei March 6th 2004 Hampton-VA
Dorian Deville December 18th 2004 Washington-NC
Brandon Day March 27th 2005 Hampton-VA
Sean Lei September 11th 2005 Hampton-VA
Phil Brown May 21st 2006 Hampton-VA
Mike Booth September 16th 2006 Williamsburg-VA
Pat Cusick March 1st 2008 Virginia Beach-VA
Preston Quin March 7th 2009 Virginia Beach-VA
Raven August 2nd 2009 Norfolk-VA
Damien Wayne October 3rd 2009 Suffolk-VA
C.W. Anderson October 3rd 2010 Newport News-VA
Phil Brown May 21st 2011 Hampton-VA
John Kermon December 3rd 2011 Hampton-VA
Dirty Money November 17th 2012 Norfolk-VA
Jay Steel May 16th 2015 Norfolk-VA
Damien Wayne* December 5th 2015 Norfolk-VA *wins 8-man Lutz Cup Tournament to win the title after Jay Steel forfeits due to neck injury
Brandon Scott* December 5th 2015 Norfolk-VA *Brandon Scott cashes in from 2015 Liberty Lottery win and attacks Wayne with a chair to win the belt
Billy Gunn October 7th 2017 Norfolk-VA

VCW Tag-Team Championships
Champion Date Year City Foototes
Frank Parker and Roger Anderson (Death-n-Destruction) October 15th 1996 Charles City-VA
Dark Justice and Nuclear Nightmare (Genocide) May 1st 1999 Suffolk-VA
Mikael Kolov and Nikolai Petrovka (Russian Mafia) December 19th 1999 Newport News-VA
Preston Quinn and Scab June 4th 2000 Newport News-VA
Phil Brown and Steve Perez September 24th 2000 Newport News-VA
Lord Everette Devore and Latin Lover (Gentlemens Club) May 13th 2002 Newport News-VA
Hot Property and Kory James May 13th 2001 Chesapeake-VA
Ray Storm and Mark Anthony November 18th 2001 Newport News-VA
Christian York and Joey Matthews December 1st 2001 Smithfield-VA
Sean Lei and Sonjay Dutt* April 21st 2002 Newport News-VA *stripped of titles immediately afterwards due to outside interefernce throughout the night
Idol X and Greg Steele* July 14th 2002 Newport News-VA *tournament win over Sean Lei and Preston Quinn
Malaki and Marchocias (Revelation) September 22nd 2002 Newport News-VA
Mike Booth and Damien Wayne (Old School Empire) January 19th 2003 Newport News-VA
Chris Escobar and Spank April 11th 2003 Bridgewater-VA
Mike Booth and Damien Wayne (Old School Empire) October 26th 2003 Gloucester-VA
Phil Brown and Dirty Money* April 17th 2004 Norfolk-VA *In a top contenders tag match over The Hall Brothers after OSE are stripped of titles
6D6 and Brandon Day (Revelation) November 7th 2004 Hampton-VA
Sean Lei and Dirty Money August 14th 2005 Hampton-VA
Vercetti & J-Sinn (The Street Sweepers) September 11th 2005 Hampton-VA
The Hall Brothers (Ross and James Hall) April 8th 2006 Williamsburg-VA
Christian York and John Kermon May 5th 2007 Virginia Beach-VA
The Hallstars (Ross and James Hall) July 7th 2007 Virginia Beach-VA
Sean and Mark Denny (The Geordie Bulldogs)* December 13th 2008 Virginia Beach-VA *6D6 substituted for Mark Denny
Diamond Victor Griff and Carlos Hottness (Assault and Battery) May 2nd 2009 Suffolk-VA
Lance Lude and J-Sinn (The Set)* February 27th 2010 Virginia Beach-VA *in a 3-way tag-team ladder match over The Hallstars and Phil Brown and The Reason
Ross and James Hall (The Hallstars) June 4th 2011 Hampton-VA
Chatch and Krotch December 3rd 2011 Hampton-VA
The Hallstars April 21st 2012 Norfolk-VA
Lance Lude and J-Sinn (The Set) December 15th 2012 Norfolk-VA
The Reason and Mr. Class* June 1st 2013 Norfolk-VA *declared the new champions due to a legal stipulation unearthed by manager Spencer Chestnutt due to The Set being unable to appear/defend
CW Anderson and Phil Brown (The Platinum Enforcers)* February 1st 2014 Norfolk-VA *in a 3-way tag-match over The Geordie Bulldogs/The Reason and Mr. Class
Sean and Mark Denny (The Geordie Bulldogs) December 6th 2014 Norfolk-VA
Fabulous Frankie and Innocent Isaiah (Pink Pride Nation) July 25th 2015 Norfolk-VA
Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve (The Hellcats)* March 5th 2016 Hampton-VA *Pink Pride Nation relinquished the titles due to injury/The Hellcats (scheduled challengers for the belts) win over The Hallstars
Phil Brown and J.J. Blake April 1st 2017 Norfolk-VA
Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve (The Hellcats) October 7th 2017 Norfolk-VA


VCW Liberty Championship
Champion Date Year City Footnotes
Shorty Smalls* July 11th 2004 Hampton-VA *declared first ever champion by Spencer Chestnutt
Joey Silvia November 7th 2004 Hampton-VA
Sean Lei* March 13th 2005 Hampton-VA *30 Minute Ironman Match
Dirty Money March 27th 2005 Hampton-VA
VACANT November 18th 2006 Suffolk-VA *Dirty Money retains title (over Tonic) but is then stripped of the title by Spencer Chestnutt
Krotch* July 7th 2007 Virginia Beach-VA *winning first ever Liberty Lottery Battle Royal to become the champion
Janus March 1st 2008 Virginia Beach-VA
Justin Flash* May 31st 2008 Norfolk-VA *Flash defeated Christian York in the finals of a two night tournament when Janus forfeited the title after signing with WWE
Tonic November 1st 2008 Virginia Beach-VA
Horrorshow* August 2nd 2009 Norfolk-VA *Horrorshow wins title in a 4-way match (over Tonic/The Reason/Jake Manning)
John Kermon December 19th 2009 Virginia Beach-VA
Paul London July 30th 2011 Hampton-VA
Victor Griff* July 28th 2012 Norfolk-VA *Ladder Match
Jay Steel July 27th 2013 Norfolk-VA
The Reason July 26th 2014 Norfolk-VA
Damien Wayne October 4th 2014 Norfolk-VA
Sean Denny July 23rd 2016 Norfolk-VA
Romonus October 1st 2016 Norfolk-VA
Phil Brown September 9th 2017 Suffolk-VA
VCW Commonwealth Heritage Championship
Champion Date Year City
Ray Storm* March 10th 2012 Hampton-VA *Ray Storm declared the first champion by Travis Bradshaw and Gremlina
Chris Escobar August 25th 2012 Norfolk-VA
RH3 (Ross Hall) April 6th 2013 Norfolk-VA
Country Kidd April 5th 2014 Norfolk-VA
RH3 (Ross Hall) June 7th 2014 Norfolk-VA
James Hall December 6th 2014 Norfolk-VA
Jefferson Early July 25th 2015 Norfolk-VA
Colby Corino July 23rd 2016 Norfolk-VA
Gino February 4th 2017 Norfolk-VA